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picture of two sisters hugging each other taken in Dubuque at the arboretum in the falllittle girl holding up a yellow leaf in the falllittle boy on a rocking chair in dubuque outsidetwo sisters smiling taken in dubuquegirl smiling at the dubuque arboretum in the fallgirl smiling outside with sun glow in dubuquebrother and sister holding hands in dubuqueboy with his hand in his pockets looking to the sidefall photos of a toddler taken in dubuque iowaboy smiling wearing an iowa state t shirtfamily photographer in dubuque iowagirl standing with the sun behind herboy in winterbrother and sister walking holding hands in dubuquegirl smiling at the camera holding a flowerbrother holding his little sister in dubuquebrother and sister sitting with their arms around each other in dubuquenewborn baby boy in a basket in dubuqueboy running and smiling in dubuquelittle boy on a bench with a hat on in dubuque