CAROLYN VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C) CAROLYN VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY (CAROLYN VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT CAROLYN VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 112 120 What to Wear for Fall Senior Pictures 2016 | Senior Portrait Photographer | Dubuque Iowa Psst...this post gives more help on how to wear a classic outfit!'s my favorite time of the year. It's also a great time to get pictures taken. It's unique, the weather is cooler, and nature provides you with a stunning backdrop. 

It's fun to wear the latest trends while also keeping part of your outfits classic. Based on the trends from New York Fashion Week, Forever 21, and H&M, here are the top fall fashion trends for 2016!


1. Pumpkin Spice/ Orange Shades Clothing

From drinks to candle smells...pumpkin spice is everywhere and it's not going away any time soon. Translate this into clothing by wearing dark shades of orange. 


3. Back in time- Renaissance
I'm sure you noticed the start of this trend in the summer. Bell sleeve rompers anyone? This season, you'll be seeing that and more: velvet, bell sleeves, and corsets. 

4. School Girl
You've seen this style in movies and Gossip Girl Photoshoots, and now you're going to see it in "real life." Wear the school girl trend with plaid mini skirts, turtle necks, front button down skirts, over-the-knee socks, and varsity tees. Oh, and backpacks are actually cool to have now. 

What is your favorite one? What will you be wearing this fall? I gotta say I love the schoolgirl look!

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Posing Ideas | Dubuque Photographer | Senior Portraits When you book a session with me, you don't have to worry about the posing because I got you covered! However, before your session it's nice to look at pictures and see what you like and would feel comfortable with. 

Here are some posing ideas:

Laying down


Looking over your shoulder Looking down
Hands in hair

Hands on face
Close up&smile View More: More:

Hands on hip hands on shoulder

You can see that a lot of posing involves your hands- it shows interaction and movement in the picture and draws you in. 


One thing to remember that kind of contradicts itself: if you feel awkward it will usually show up in camera...but at the same time some poses might feel really weird but they look great in camera! Just listen to your photographer in this case- they will guide you. 


Fun tip- want to get that pouty look like the Olsen twins do? Whenever they smile for the camera they say "prune". I bet you just tried it ;) Confession: I did! 

Magazine tip- to pose like a magazine cover imagine someone you like or care about is in the lens. Then, lower your chin and look directly into the lens-stay at eye level- you automatically look more confident!

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Mistakes to Avoid for Your Senior Portraits | Dubuque Photographer | Senior Portraits As spring approaches so does senior portrait time-yay! This time should be memorable and fun. So what mistakes should you avoid? Here are the top 3!

#1. Wearing the wrong clothing
Colors, fabrics, and silhouettes all contribute to the look and feel of your senior portraits.  Don't wear bagging or unflattering clothes, distracting prints, wrinkled fabrics, or anything you don't feel comfortable in. Please don't show up in sweatpants either, unless they're college themed of course! But don't feel bad if you need help-even the model doesn't choose their clothes! The art director does. 

#2. Faking a smile
Everyone can tell when a smile is genuine and faked. Bring a friend along to help you relax. You want your smile to say "yay I'm having so much fun!" NOT "I want to be anywhere but here" :) Remember to let loose and have fun!

#3. Picking the wrong photographer
Do you like their style? This may be sound like a stupid question but it's sometimes overlooked! Don't just choose someone because they're cheap, free, or everyone else did. Look at the people in their pictures and ask yourself "Do I want my photos to look like this?" If you choose a photographer but want to change the way they shoot this will be a frustrating process for the you and the photographer alike. 

Keep those 3 things in mind when planning for your senior portrait session and you will have an unforgettable time! In a good way of course ;)

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2 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Photography | Dubuque Photographer | Photography Tips Whether you're an amateur, professional, or hobbyist...want to take better selfies, pictures of your kids, or pictures with your friends...this post is for you!


One of my least favorite times to shoot is during high noon. The sun is high in the sky and the light is very harsh and contrasty. Not soft and dreamy like golden hour. But sometimes it can't be helped so here are 2 easy tips to help that anyone can do!

2 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Photography

1. Find shade
Dark shadows under the eyes? Everyone is squinting? Not exactly the most flattering. The easiest way to fix this is to find shade! If you can get under an awning or tree, your picture will drastically change.  

2. Get the sun behind you
Many people think that you should be facing the sun during the day because it's "good light". Wrong! 


Bam! There you go. These 2 tips will work for anyone at any level..whether you're taking pictures with your iPhone or camera. Now go practice them!

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Seniors Ignite Photography Conference | Dubuque IA Photographer | Part 3/3

Seniors Ignite Photography Conference// Part 3 of 3

To read part one click here.
To read part two click here.

Wow, last post! Thanks for sticking in there ;)

The day following Balboa park, Monday and Tuesday, were learning days and I can pretty much say I filled up my notebook with such valuable notes! The event also gave us action binders that have tons of good stuff in them too. 
We learned about shooting and post production and setting yourself apart from everyone else. Jen from 3 Girls Photography really knows her stuff. They gave a special announcement about the future of Seniors Ignite and later we had a pajama party! That was so fun! It was open Q&A and we could ask the leads ANYTHING!

On Tuesday we learned about marketing and creative shoots and the well anticipated Amanda Holloway message! She gave me tons of great ideas I'm already using in my business now!                                                                                                   traditional elevator selfie 

                                                                                      Amanda Holloway blowing minds

For supper on Tuesday my sister and I took a bus to downtown Coronado and it was soo amazing at night! I was really glad we did that because not only was it fun, but I was glad I went to California and actually got to see a little bit of it since I was so busy!                                                                                        Yes, we ate at Panera. Do not judge. 

Wednesday meant leaving time. I sat in on a quick message about Facebook marketing than took a cab to the airport. I was ready to leave because they left me with so many things I wanted to do!                                                                                    dramatically staring out the cab window

                                                                                       getting a head start on editing and passing time

                  Bored at the airport. I actually met someone from Dubuque in San Diego! Meet Christina of Christina Ney Photography.

I will leave you with this. Thanks for reading this series and joining me on this exciting journey!

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Seniors Ignite Photography Conference | Dubuque IA Photographer | Part 2/3

Seniors Ignite Photography Conference//Part 2 of 3

To read part one click here.

This day was one of my favorite days! We photographed beautiful seniors pretty much all morning at Balboa park in the California sun. Does it get better than that? There were 12 models, 10 girls and 2 boys, and they were all split up with a lead photographer around the park. You were welcome to walk around and shoot as many and as little as you wanted- I loved that! I didn't make it to all of the models, mainly because I couldn't find some of them, but I was so impressed with these models. They stood the heat keeping the same poses and standing in difficult positions for hours- WOW- those seniors are amazing! The makeup and hair team were top notch, and the outfits they brought were so creative and trendy.  

I really liked that a lead photographer was split up with each model. They were there to help, hold reflectors, and answer any questions. Plus, these people were some of the best of the best! Wow! As you could imagine I have a TON of photos, so below are just some of my favorites. To see more photos that I post go follow me on Instagram @carolynvictoriaphotography!                                                                              on the way to the park (Tiffany of Angel Breath Photography)
                                                                                                coffee breaks are essential

After Balboa park we ate lunch(which means I went outside;) and re grouped later for a super knowledgable talk about how to create a fashion look on the fly and introduce conceptual shoots!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           lunch break with my sister 

After hearing the speaker talk about fashion looks and taking some conceptual shots myself I know I'm going to definitely start implementing these in the near future!

After our final photo shoot I had my first In-N-Out meal with some of my other family that was also in California!! 


The night ended with 2 more information packed meetings. Good day. 

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Seniors Ignite Photography Conference | Dubuque IA Photographer | Part 1/3  

Wow where do I begin?? Better late than never though, right? 

For the sake of not making this into a book I will divide this into parts. Scroll below to read about my time at the Seniors Ignite Conference.

Seniors Ignite Photography Conference//Part 1 of 3

Over Valentine's Day I had the exciting privilege of attending the 2015 Senior Ignite Conference in San Diego, California. I've been on their email list for a while and I was getting all these cool emails about this trip. I really wanted to go but didn't do anything about it. I started to read testimonials about the last trips and now I really wanted to go. But I've never traveled by myself or gone to a photography conference- I didn't know what to expect! Later I got an email that said "Hurry! 3 spots left!" I knew it was now or never so I bought my seat and booked my flight! And I was soo glad I did. 

My husband dropped me off at the Dubuque airport early Valentine's Day morning. After a long and tiring morning of traveling I arrived in California and it was beautiful! Of course I was coming from negative temps and a snow anything would have been beautiful :P I planned my trip so I would have ample time to lay out before everything started. As you can see I have my priorities in check! ;)

The first event was a sunset beach shoot and this was the first time the photographers met the models and each other! The beach was just a short walk from the Loews Coronado (which was gorgeous by the way). I have never been on a beach with so many photographers before. It was crazy!! But the crowd fanned out after a while and I got some amazing images! Below are my favorites!

                                                                                          almost there


                                                                               my ample time to lay out ;) p.s-resort food is expensive 

                                                                                                view from my hotel room

                                                                                      on the way to the beach- elevator selfie

After the sunset shoot it was hang out time at the hotel and my lovely sister came along for her own vacay! Stay tuned for what happened the next day- part 2/3!

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How to Prepare For Your Senior Portrait Session | Dubuque Photographer | Senior Portraits
Hello senior girls!!

Making sure you are prepared for your senior portrait session will ensure that everything goes smooth and is the best experience! It is my job to make sure you look and feel your best! 

*Already have the thought in your mind that this is going to be super easy and fun- because it will be! Relax and don't freak out. I like to think I'm pretty fun to hang out with ;) Plus, I love posing and I will help you with that 100% so you're not standing there thinking "what do I do with my hands??"

*Bring multiple outfits and a good variety. I will help you put together things that will look good and work!
*Make sure your variety of clothing includes: trendy, classic, casual, and formal. 
*Avoid stripes, distracting patterns, and logo t shirts- these take away from the photo. 
*Make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled.
*Be prepared to change quickly. The faster you change the more photos you'll get. 
*Try on all your outfits before your shoot. Do you feel comfortable? Does it fit right? Is it a good choice after all?

*Heels are so fun and glamourous. If you aren't comfortable wearing heels a good alternative is wedges.
*You will be able to see your shoes and they'll make a difference- so pick wisely!
*Try to avoid flip flops. Yes, they're comfy, but they are a little too casual. 

*Getting makeup done by a professional makes a bigger difference than you know! Not to mention it is fun. I offer the option for professional makeup application in my packages. You can look natural, glamorous, dramatic...whatever you want! Plus, who doesn't love being pampered?? I highly recommend you get it! If not, your makeup should be heavier than usual. It always photographs up less in the camera. 
*If doing makeup yourself, take the time to do it right. It can make or break a photo. 
*Your eyes are what draws everyone into the photograph- so spend a little more time defining them with makeup.
*Nails-don't forget these! Your nails will show on camera, so make sure you have a fresh manicure done. Chipped nail polish isn't a style ;)
*Watch your sun exposure leading up to the shoot. Weird, awkward tan lines and sun burns are hard to hide.
*If you have a blemish- don't fret about it! They can be covered up with makeup or removed in post processing. I will make sure you look your best!

*If you want to try any major changes to your hair do it a week before your senior session.
*Wear your hair in a way that feels comfortable to you, but don't be afraid to "up" it a bit. This is your day after all!
*Remember to bring your brushes, bobby pins, hairspray, and anything else you use for your hair.

*Brainstorm before your photo shoot what you want to bring so it's not a crazy mad dash the day of! Good ideas include: pets, sport uniforms, instrument, sports equipment, hobby items, jackets, etc

Arrival time:
*Make sure that you show up on time, if not a little earlier. Showing up late means less camera time...and we don't want that!

*Feel totally free to bring a friend or parent! Just make sure that they will make you relaxed and have fun- not stress you out. You are welcome to bring your boyfriend for a couple shots too! 

Any additional questions? Contact me!

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What's a Photography Style Anyway? | Dubuque Photographer "What's a photography style? How do I know what I want?"

That question may be something you've thought in the past. 

When people talk about different photography styles they're talking about the way they see and photograph things. Here are some of the top examples:

photo journalism- popular in weddings and lifestyle(capturing every day life). This photographer is less about poses and more about fading into the background and capturing moments and emotions that happen throughout the day. These type of photos will look natural and relaxed. You won't be given much posing or guidance because the ultimate effect is to tell a story through candid moments. 
fine art- this style has more interesting angles, composition, and negative space(vast scenery around your subject). This type of photography tends to be more creative and artsy. 
fashion- in fashion photography you're going to find more of an emphasis on the clothes(of course), but there will be more interesting poses and dramatic lighting. This will look modern and will resemble something you'd see in a magazine. Though this set up takes longer to get ready, the end result will be a series of images showcasing your very best.

traditional- talked about in relation to weddings and the opposite of photo journalism. This style is all about direction, guidance, and posing. These photos will be less "taken from the background" and more looking at the camera and smiling. The end result would be a beautiful classic portrait you would hang on your wall. 

Now how does that help you decide what you want?

When looking for a photographer it's important to find someone that has the same style you want. This is good for both the client and photographer because it will ensure a happy outcome! You wouldn't go to Bergdorfs(can you tell I've been watching Gossip Girl??) to get the style of Pacsun, and vice versa. Now that you understand the differences in styles, what are you most drawn to? Note that most photographers also have a blend of all of these styles combined. Personally, I'm a blend of all of them. I like to direct and pose you into ways that make you look good then capture natural interaction like a laugh or genuine smile. For senior girls I like to get a little more dramatic and creative, while making sure I get the traditional shots too. 

So what's your style?


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What to Wear for Valentine's Day | Dubuque Photographer | What to Wear

With Valentine's day coming up it's a great excuse to go shopping, look cute, and buy some new sparkly outfit just because. Whether you need some pictures to jog your memory or just enjoy looking at cute clothes scroll down!


What are you doing this weekend?

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What to Wear for Summer Family Pictures | Dubuque Photographer | Family Portraits Ahhh summer. It is a wonderful time of sun, tans, and family pictures! Here are some quick tips so you know exactly what you need to wear!

1.Start with 3 main colors
Start out by picking 3 colors that you really like and that complement each other well. Using more than 3 colors can be a little much. Below is a summer palette to give you some ideas. Think light and bright.

2. Coordinate but don't match
Gone are the days of jeans and white t-shirts. Photos come alive when the outfits are coordinated well and exciting. This means mixing and matching the 3 colors you picked out throughout your family.

3. Don't be afraid of pattern
Don't be afraid to add pattern but do keep it limited! Patterns add interest and depth. As long as it's kept to a select few it will work. Bonus if that pattern ties in all of the colors. Avoid logos and texts on your clothes.

4. Accessorize
Accessories, just like patterns, add interest and depth. Examples: jewelry, hats, hair accessories, and belts. Layers aren't just for winter and they really bring the picture to the next level without adding tons of crazy colors and prints.  Examples: scarves and cardigans. 

There you have some quick tips in your outfit planning. Above all be comfortable and be you!







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Thanksgiving | Carolyn Victoria Photography | Dubuque Iowa Photographer | Personal I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Family, food, junk food, movies, games, friends, and kids running around- what could be better? Even though Thanksgiving just happened I wanted to get this post out before the fun and numerous posts of Christmas begin. It will be here sooner than you know! See the photos below for a sneak peek into what Thanksgiving is like in good ol' Iowa. 

p.s- I apologize in advance for the numerous pictures you'll see of my adorable nieces and nephew. sorrynotsorry ;)

We needed lots of coffee for the late nights and early mornings.
The fabulous cook that did everything! The hubby and I :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend recovering from food coma!

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What to Wear for Christmas Photos | Dubuque Photographer | Family Portraits

Everyone wants to look special for their holiday are some tips to help you with yours!

What Color Should We Wear?
This time of year it's okay to wear those traditional colors. Good colors are: gold, cream, red, green, and blue. These colors can easily be mixed and matched to create interesting combinations! Such as: gold+cream, red+green, green+blue, cream+green, gold+red, and so forth! Just remember to stick with 3 colors total so it doesn't look too crazy! Red is my favorite color so I may be biased but don't forget red! Red pops against snow, evergreens, and is a great accent color. This doesn't mean everyone has to wear red though. Break it up in your family and it will look very pleasing to the eye! 

What About Layers?
Christmas=cold. Though I am dreading the snow( I think it's pretty; it just ruins plans and roads!) most family portraits will be taken outside. On that note dress warm and layer, layer, layer. Think sweaters, jackets, coats, scarves, hats, and cardigans. If you choose to wear your coats in the pictures try to coordinate them: mittens, hats, scarves, and all. 

What About Prints?
You always want at least one person in your family wearing a print. It adds visual interest. Plaid is super popular! You could also wear printed sweaters(those are very in). Leopard print, sequins, and argyle are also very popular too.

This is such a fun time to use props. Your mind is the limit. Mugs, sleds, blankets, santa hats, ornaments, big letters that spell "joy"...whatever you can think of! Anything goes.

Happy planning!

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What to Wear for Senior Pictures | Dubuque Iowa | Senior Portrait Photographer Psst...are you getting your pictures taken in the fall? You HAVE to see this post and this post on fall fashion so your outfits can be on point!

One of the most exciting but also very difficult things to do: figuring out what to wear for senior pictures. You feel like it's crucial! Trust me, I've been there. I googled for hours upon hours and looked at outfits upon outfits. Tried stuff on over and over again (Hey Mom, does this outfit say "going places?"). I wanted to wear the perfect thing. Something classic but fashion forward; unique but not weird. After all- these senior pictures are sent out to everyone! They're on your your graduation party...simply put, they are remembered for many years to come. Compiled here for you is an easy but also very helpful article to make this super exciting but super difficult thing just a little bit easier. 

1. Something that is Classic & Timeless
Though it may seem boring, you do need that one classic outfit. Fashion and style changes so rapidly and while you may looooveee that special trend now, how is it going to look in 5 years? 10 years? This could be the picture that is in your yearbook, on your grandparent's fridge, or on all your graduation cards. Good ideas include: black&white color combo, solid top and jeans, or a simple dress. Avoid: looking too casual (sweatpants for example), lots of prints, and graphic logo tees. 

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring MANGO tops, Calypso St. Barth t-shirts and Reiss blouses. Browse and shop related looks.

2. Something With Style
Now that you got the "everyday" photo out of the way switch it up! If you really liked that outfit, consider bringing in accessories. If you want to change-do! Wear something a little dressier but totally you. Some girls even wear their prom dress for this one- very glamorous! Whatever style you have: bohemian, 1940's, trendy, hipster, or girly- don't be afraid to let it show. 

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring Topshop dresses, Alice + Olivia dresses and Vero Moda dresses. Browse and shop related looks.


3. Something that Represents You
Now that you have the classic picture that will stand the test of time and the stylish picture that shows of your inner model... now it's time for the picture that is all personal to you! Whatever future plans or goals you have, with your outfit and props, let's have it shine through here. Going to law school? Consider wearing a suit. Do you run track? Let's see those sneakers. A cheerleader? Bring those pom poms! Is volleyball your thing? We'll show off those skills. Excited about your new school's colors? Wear them! Senior pictures are really special because they're capturing that moment in your life where you're about to launch, discover, and grow. Why not remember that moment as the person you really are? 


Girls, head on over to this fashion blog to get more in depth ideas on how to wear your clothes! Tons more ideas and must-have tips on how to look your best!







You have it way easier than girls. But nonetheless, here are some tips to help you with your senior pics!

1. Classic & Timeless
Same rule applies here as it does with the girls. But since you guys are so easy going, it doesn't make much of a difference! Good ideas include: button up and jeans, v neck and shorts, casual tee and jeans and/or shorts, and solid colors Avoid: t shirts with graphics and logos 

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring Osiris sneakers and Scotch & Soda t-shirts. Browse and shop related looks.

2. Something With Style
Now is the time to add on to the outfit you wore before or totally change it. Many parents like to see their son dressed "sharp". Now I'm not saying rent a 5 piece tuxedo set, but do consider bringing it up a notch!

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring Tommy Hilfiger watches. Browse and shop related looks.

3. Something That Represents You
Now is the time to wear whatever you want that represents you! Whether it's your favorite letterman's jacket, your football, your senior ring, your sports uniform, or your instrument- bring it along!



These are merely suggestions not rules. At the end of the day the more comfortable you feel the better. And remember, seniors...


“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours.”
                                          ~Ayn Rand

Now that you know what to wear, click HERE to know how to prepare for your session! Need more help or interested in booking a unique, customized EXPERIENCE? Click HERE to contact me!



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What to Wear For Fall Family Pictures | Dubuque Photographer | Family Portraits  

Planning a fall family session? Here are some tips! I want to help give you a jump start for planning and shopping for your own family.


1.Start with 3 main colors
Start out by picking 3 colors that you really like and that complement each other well. Using more than 3 colors can be a little much. Below is a color palette for fall to help give you some ideas.

2. Add a pop a color
A pop of color makes your picture stand out and it adds a great focal point. Any bright color that is fall related works well! i.e purple, gold, red, etc. If you love lots of bright colors consider bringing it in as an accessory. It won't make your photo too busy and it will add interest!

3. Don't be afraid to add pattern
Don't be afraid to add pattern but do keep it limited. Patterns add interest and depth. As long as it's kept to a select few it will work. Bonus if that pattern ties in all of the colors. 

4. Accessorize& Layer 
Accessories and layers really bring the picture to the next level without adding tons of crazy colors and prints. Plus, they look great for fall. Examples: hats, scarves, vests, belts, etc

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring H&M dresses, Trasparenze socks and Giuseppe Zanotti ankle booties. Browse and shop related looks.

Above is a sample family wardrobe. This combinations work because it has 3 main colors(mustard yellow, gray, and black), one of those colors "pop" (mustard yellow), it has a pattern that ties in all the colors(the girl's dress and boy's button down), and there are accessories and layers(scarf, tights, and the boys sweater over the button down)

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring Object tops, AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans and GRAM shoes. Browse and shop related looks.

3 main colors: black, blue, and khaki
Pop of color: red
Patterns: stripes
Accessories&layers: vest, belt, and bow

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring Clu cardigans, ONLY tops and Vero Moda leggings. Browse and shop related looks.

3 main colors: orange, purple, and black
Pop of color: orange
Patterns: plaid and scarf design
Accessories&layers: belt, scarf, tights, and cardigan


Those are only 3 ideas but really the options are endless! Mix and match and have fun with it. Remember that this is YOUR family photo so you want it to reflect YOU!



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